Attract customers with affiliate traffic:

To talk about affiliate traffic, we first have to know what is an affiliate? An affiliate is that person who, after using or buying one of our products, recommends it through different means that can be both digital and from their close circle. It is important to say that these affiliates expect remuneration in return when the sale is completed. It is necessary that to attract customers through affiliate marketing, you must first have a “public” or minimum audience that has previously bought or recommended what we sell.

Affiliate links can be sent via email or embedded on our affiliate page which, if clicked, will send customers to your website.

Another good way to get and carry out an affiliate network is to look for producers that are somehow related to us and reach an agreement that benefits both parties; As I said before, they expect a reward in exchange for giving you advertising to increase your audience and it is almost always in exchange for a percentage of your final earnings in the event that the advertising given is successful.

As a final conclusion we can say that Digital Marketing is the most effective way to attract and maintain the public that has grown the most in recent years and, mainly, during the current pandemic.

We have powerful tools, both organic and paid, and numerous new collaboration strategies between like-minded brands or the highly valued ̈influencers”.

Also, we see the different ways to advertise and extend our page, networks or blog and that it is not impossible to achieve it without spending or spending little money. Today there are plenty of ways to spread the word and that more and more people want to buy and trust what you have to offer,

And at Xavier Sánchez we are here to help you achieve it!

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd