Analyze the statistics of your Website and Social Networks

Something that we could not ignore is the analysis of the statistics, and although you may think that it does not affect the sale of the product itself, it DOES.

It’s impossible to know your strengths and limitations if you don’t know basic things like how many visits you get per month. But before reading metrics and metrics about your website’s performance, ask yourself these questions:

Where do the visits to my website come from?

How can I know if they come from Social Networks, Paid Advertising or SEO?

What conversion rate does my website have?

How can I improve SEO and keywords?

These statistics of your site can be daily, monthly, annual, depending on what you are interested in knowing.

Think that in the same way that you keep track of the customers of your physical business (if you have one), you must know the visitors of your online store to achieve INCREASE SALES OF YOUR ONLINE STORE. There are a series of indicators that allow us to know the trends and preferences of visitors to our website.

What is Google Analytics and what data does it tell me about my website?:

It is a FREE web analytics tool that allows you to obtain enough information for statistics on your website, essential information on any website.

The number of users who visit your website, you will find it under the name “sessions” and you will be able to measure the number of different users who have entered your website in a given period.

You will also be able to know the average number of pages that each user has visited. This data allows us to know if the page is interesting and easy to navigate. In addition to demonstrating what is the interest of site visitors.

You will know the time (in seconds) that users spend on each page of your website or online store.

The bounce rate measures the percentage of visits that leave the web almost immediately. The ideal is to keep this rate at a low percentage, since if it were high it would indicate that there is much to improve on the web.

We could provide many more Analytics features but we’re really getting off topic. We have prepared to create a complete article of the complete Mano Digital Blog about Google Analytics. We will be announcing it from our Xavier S├ínchez Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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What is Metricool and what is it for with my Social Networks?

It is a FREE platform that allows you to manage accounts of the main RRSS such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitch, YouTube or LinkedIn.

It has a paid version that has many more features, but with the free version you will be able to know the main metrics of your Social Networks.

You’ll be able to analyze interesting data like the growth of your community to see how your profile is evolving and better determine the age and locations of your audience.

You will also be able to carry out a detailed analysis of the publications of each social network and evaluate which ones work best for your business and thus plan a calendar of quality content.

Analyze your competitors’ strategy, profile, and posts to learn from their content so you can get ideas for your calendar.

Another golden piece of information in this app available for both computers and mobiles, you can analyze your paid advertising campaigns from Facebook Ads, Google Ads and TikTok Ads.


As you have seen, it is very important to take care of several aspects for an online business to work. And with planning you will be able to complete all these tasks for a better management of your online company.

But you can do it all and also enjoy the positive side of entering the online world.

From our Blog you will always find interesting articles on Online Business Management, Digital Marketing, Social Network Management, Graphic Design and many more topics with interesting information that we want to share to improve daily work.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd