Advantages of WordPress to create your Online Store:

IT’S FREE: Being open source software, it’s a product that you don’t have to pay to use. In addition, it is designed so that everyone can take advantage of it without the need to be computer experts.

IT HAS VARIOUS PLUGINS: In WordPress you will find a large number of plugins to improve the management and functions of the website. Also from the official site, you will find various blog articles where they teach you how to configure each one of them.

TEMPLATES TO CUSTOMIZE CONTENT: Mentioning again that WordPress is open source, many graphic designers create easy-to-use templates to make posts and images look great for your website.

MANAGEABLE FROM YOUR MOBILE APP: You can manage your blog or website from the comfort of your mobile phone. You may think that it is somewhat uncomfortable, but it can help you in case you have to solve an urgent matter if you do not have a computer at hand.

AND ITS MAIN ADVANTAGE: If you migrate from hosting, any provider will be able to migrate your hosting without losing anything. Once you register your domain with WordPress it’s yours forever, and all your site information will go with you to the new hosting.

Disadvantages of WordPress to create your Online Store:

NEED MODIFICATIONS: Unless you just want to blog, you will need to make modifications to WordPress. This is resolved by installing the extensions to perform certain functions. An example of this would be, WooCommerce allows your website to have an Online Store to sell online.

REQUIRES THE USE OF VARIOUS PLUGINS: As we have seen before, each function or modification of the store will (mostly) require the installation of an extension.

VULNERABILITIES HAVE BEEN FOUND: Being an open source software and being one of the most widely used in the world, professionals could find vulnerabilities. If you don’t keep your version up to date or you miss an update, you could be attacked with malware.

YOUR OPTIMIZATIONS DEPEND ON PLUGINS: You should look for plugins or extensions for creating calls to action, mobile optimization, analytics and other functions for your website.

IT HAS LIMITATIONS ON CUSTOMIZATION: Although you can find many templates, some have certain customization limitations. If you choose a template (we’ll show that below) and want to make some modification that isn’t available, you’ll need a programmer.

IT MAY INVOLVE COSTS: Just like the PRO versions, to carry out more detailed reviews you can access them only with the paid version.

SLOW LOADING?: If we take into account that each extension consumes more space resources on your website, depending on the size of your project, your website can be seen with a higher loading speed.

Before choosing a CMS, compare the different options and consider what is best for the size of your site and what objectives you want to achieve. For the creation of a blog, WordPress has many points in favor, since that was its main purpose: to be able to offer a free, friendly and open platform for bloggers. But, if you are about to monetize your content or make the leap to aspects of digital marketing, it is best to go with professionals.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd