Ads on LinkedIn for my business

As we have mentioned in the previous point, from the LinkedIn platform you can invest in ads that will increase the visibility of your business, and thus you will achieve your Marketing objectives.

It differs from other platforms when it comes to making ads, since you can perform a good segmentation and ensure that your paid ads will reach the ideal audience for your company.

Within LinkedIn Ads you can make two different types of ads, let’s get to know them:

Sponsored content: From here you can promote your company in order to increase its visibility, followers and potential customers to your Company profile.

Traditional ads: Like those of a lifetime, with text and image to promote a topic, promotion or exclusive offer.

LinkedIn Good Practices for Businesses

Now that you know the platform, you know how to analyze it and you have created your content calendar, we are ready to start working on LINKEDIN TO INCREASE SALES IN YOUR PHYSICAL OR ONLINE STORE.

Share relevant and timely content.

Grab attention with an image or video.

Keep your copy short. If you write a longer post, use paragraph breaks or bullet points to make it more readable.

Highlight key stats, points and quotes.

Include a clear and simple call to action.

Name the audience you are trying to reach (ie “call all creatives” or “are you a working parent?”).

Tag people and pages mentioned.

Lead with a question to generate answers.

Create LinkedIn polls for feedback and participation.

Include two or three relevant hashtags naturally.

Write compelling headlines for articles.

Respond to comments within a short time frame to encourage more participation.


A good analysis of what your business can offer on the LinkedIn platform can help your business reach new audiences interested in your content, services, or products.

Although each company may have different needs and objectives, we recommend that before opening an account in each of the Social Networks you take into account that you analyze it and choose to have less RRSS but more quality in your work.


Don’t worry!. At Xavier Sánchez we can help you meet all the digital objectives of your company or business. Get help in the different Social Networks and in LINKEDIN TO INCREASE SALES IN YOUR PHYSICAL OR ONLINE STORE.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd