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When it comes to promoting a brand, a product or the services of a company in question, there are several ways to do it. Among the most renowned, email marketing, marketing automation and CRM modality stand out. These processes are synonymous with achieving positive sales objectives and timely business growth, a premise that ActiveCampaign facilitates.

In general terms, ActiveCampaign is a specialized tool that encourages or increases the chances of success in automated marketing modalities. Basically, it provides the company with a program to run a campaign that increases its value.

What is ActiveCampaign? Defining an indispensable tool for online business development

What is Active Campaign or ActiveCampaign is defined as cloud-based software specialized in digital marketing. Developed by the company of the same name, it is a program that was born and launched in 2003.

It is mainly known for its ability to work massively with marketing automation processes. He works in different areas of digital marketing, his objective being to promote the company online. All this in relation to your sales and customer acquisition.

To do this, it offers email marketing, automation, web analytics and CRM services. What is ActiveCampaign also involves understanding that it is original software from its developer company. Calling it “customer experience automation”, it combines aspects of traditional digital marketing with technical support.

It should be noted that it is a platform that has grown exponentially since its launch. A clear example of this is that it incorporates the services of more than 800 applications, especially PayPal, Gmail, Facebook or WordPress.

ActiveCampaign-specific features

Machine learning, to better process the data that enters and leaves the company based on its customers. In essence, this information from sales, emails and other interactions is analyzed and integrated in an automated way to make better decisions.
It makes it easy to migrate and import data, templates, resources, and contact lists into your own platform. That is, the company can, for free, seamlessly join ActiveCampaign from their old automation software.
Extension with Chrome to seamlessly link the AC (ActiveCampaign) account with the Gmail platform. Thanks to this feature, email campaigns are automatically tracked, handling emails sent, opened, and different types of interactions.
Complete mobile application that makes the entire ActiveCampaign platform available to work from the Smartphone. All the advantages and functionalities applied to the company can be managed more comfortably.
Tools and templates of all kinds to guarantee an optimized handling of this platform. With it, business control, increased sales and promotion of the brand is complete security.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd