ActiveCampaign features. Navigating in detail through its potentialities!

ActiveCampaign Features

ActiveCampaign’s functionalities are characterized by improving and promoting the growth of a company’s affiliated brand, service or product. Since its inception, it has been a non-negotiable ally of SMEs in favor of raising the scope.

And, within that select group of features, ActiveCampaign is an expert in encouraging a pleasant user experience. By automating most of the processes in an optimized, objective and specific way, a pleasant online environment is created for the client.

The six keys to email marketing success in ActiveCampaign

The email marketing process in ActiveCampaign is characterized by six fundamentals that describe its full potential. Starting from them, a complete automated campaign is obtained with a high percentage of efficiency.

First, there is the option of issuing personalized emails with business information. These data must be of interest to the entire target audience in the selected contact list.
As a second foundation, activated emails are those that are sent after a condition is met. For example, after a purchase, clicking on an ad, after account registration or a simple visit.
For their part, targeted emails are those that are intended for a segmented audience. These have the purpose of attracting potential customers or keeping loyal customers interested.
Fourth, generating automated responses to emails is a timely factor for email marketing. Through them, a total bond with the client is generated and maintained, being in constant contact with them. Applies to welcome emails, subscriptions, promotions and more.
With ActiveCampaign and its email marketing campaign, email funnels are flaunted. With them, certain data is filtered to create an automated email chain that helps formalize paying customers.
Finally, scheduled emails are those that serve a specific date. Thanks to their versatility, these can be used to announce events, holidays, birthdays or invitations to a relevant event.

Sales growth and automation with CRM functionality

It allows you to manage emails, phone numbers, postal addresses and more in a single central platform. In this way, a history of each record is generated to identify potential customers, as well as an updated view of sales flows.
It provides the ability to assign tasks to be accomplished in relation to sales, both business-wise and individually to the work group. This point can be executed either manually or promote an automation through ActiveCampaign.
Its strong point is the management of contacts in an automated way, taking a look at the entire flow of processes related to sales. In turn, it guarantees real-time monitoring of the team and sales strategy, measuring the associated interaction.
It guarantees the creation of a scale or scoring system to identify potential customers. These points are assigned to those people with the best profile and history of business interaction, positioning them in a ranking. By emphasizing it, it is known which client or clients are deserving of calls, emails and sales promotions.
ActiveCampaign and its CRM modality favors integration with other tools that promote sales. From social networks like Facebook, page designers like WordPress or programming platforms like Calendly.
The CRM modality manages sales reports, sends follow-up notifications to associated personnel and leads customer segmentation procedures. At the same time, it performs profit probability statistics, as well as automatically updates sales offers.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd