ActiveCampaign and WordPress. How do they get along?

ActiveCampaign and WordPress are compatible elements and can enhance each other. WordPress is a popular blog or web publishing and content management service that supports working in conjunction with other components.

To do this, log in to your WordPress account and proceed to search for ActiveCampaign in the “Plugins” menu. Once there, it is added by going to the part to install and, finally, activate.

Having completed these steps efficiently, the AC settings should now be activated. In this case, the automation platform in question is located within the WordPress “Settings” menu.

Next, a window will appear where you must log in to AC to finish the ActiveCampaign and WordPress link. As a final step, the AC API URL is copied into the WordPress API section or bar. Although it sounds confusing, this step is key to finish and it is executed exactly, the last thing is to press “Connect” to strengthen the bond.

With AC within WordPress, the website will be optimized with automated processes. In general terms, the web page manager will be able to take advantage of all the ActiveCampaign functionalities mentioned in previous paragraphs.

ActiveCampaign pricing. How expensive can this software get?

The prices that ActiveCampaign handles are designed based on how many subscribers or contacts are handled. The most basic plan when looking for “ActiveCampaign prices” is the one known as Lite, where the subscription ranges from 9 dollars a month. It is the cheapest of all its plans due to the first-time functions it provides to the user.

From there the bet goes up, highlighting the Plus plan with 49 dollars a month. This is followed by the $129/month Professional plan and the $229 Business plan. Each of them brings unique qualities that differentiate it from one another, identified and described on the official ActiveCampaign page.

ActiveCampaign vs. Hubspot. Who takes the lead?

Taking an unbiased perspective in the ActiveCampaign vs Hubspot debate, the first quoted leads. Although both software works in a similar way, AC has greater profitability, accessibility and simplicity in comparison.

The first notable detail is that ActiveCampaign has predetermined plans with fixed prices. As a result, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and then gradually scale or evolve. Otherwise, Hubspot offers a minimum quote of up to $50 per month with a maximum of $800.

In addition to this, the central point of the discussion is the comparison between their more professional or specialized plans. In advance, ActiveCampaign has unlimited automation progress, capable of generating information traffic indefinitely.

That is to say, it allows the creation or structuring of automated marketing without diffusion limits. When it comes to this capacity, Hubspot is well below the average, only providing up to a maximum of 50,000 messages.

Automation example within ActiveCampaign.

Better understanding how it works!

The automation process is defined as all those secondary events to a pre-established condition. For this procedure to be executed, these conditions must be met to the letter and thus be successful.

All the automations applied with CA allow to improve the user experience in order to also benefit the company. Thus, a flow of data and information is created to continue promoting any campaign and the growth of the brand.

An example of automation within ActiveCampaign is when emails are scheduled to be sent on important dates. Another case is when the business site is automatically monitored to assess how it has evolved over time. In essence, all automation is based on what is mentioned in the functionalities set forth in previous paragraphs.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd