A few tips to sell more on Marketplace

Post several photos that make your offer clear

The Facebook Marketplace tool is aimed at posting photos, especially if you use it from a mobile phone. If you want your products to stand out, you’ll need to post photos that fully grab the attention of potential buyers. Take several photos so you can evaluate them and decide which ones are the best. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, so the better your photos are, the more likely customers are to notice you and buy your products.

In addition, the photographs allow you to manage the expectations that can be created around your products. If you have to sell something used, sell products that have defects or imperfections, try to take a photo of that area so that it is known in advance. The more transparent you are, the less chance you have of having problems with buyers, because they already know what they are buying.

Describe the products correctly

As in a Virtual Store, the description of the products is one of the most important aspects that exist. It is not simply a text field to fill in typing the characteristics of your goods or services, but an opportunity for you to publish something detailed and attractive.

Add the keywords linked to the products or services you offer and test different versions. The more relevant the details and information you give, the more options you will have to show it when a user does a search.

Do not skimp on the value of a product description in the Facebook marketplace. Just as the title is important, this element helps improve the visibility of your product or service in the search engine. Try to give a good description of your product/service while inspiring confidence and providing security to the user.

Do an analysis of market prices

When setting the prices of your products, it is interesting to know the prices that your competitors have set for them. It is essential to know what prices other sellers handle to avoid using a too abusive pricing strategy.

The situation may arise that if you have high prices but your products are better than other sellers, there are buyers who contact you to negotiate a small discount. Marketplace allows buyers to try with a button called “Make Offer.” And of course you receive a notification about it.

There are still many businesses that prefer not to openly talk about the prices of their products. This is a bad strategy, since it adds another step to the consumer in his purchase path. The more you facilitate his experience, the faster he will make his decision.
Personalized attention in your answers

Putting a call to action on your Marketplace posts is a sure sign of attracting customers, meaning if you end up having multiple people interested in what you sell, you’ll start getting questions non-stop. And to prevent them from losing interest, try not to answer with too elaborate answers, but rather create adjusted answers that can be used for different questions.

Make a profile according to your products for sale

If what you are looking for is to have a profile solely to use it in the digital market, the most convenient thing is that your profile image and cover generate trust and be relevant in your field. Remember that as soon as a user sees your product and wants to know more about you, the first thing they will do is visit your full profile.

So try to have the images of your articles organized, add all the necessary information about them or about your business, as well as real images of your products. A good idea is to take photos of your products that your current customers are using. This is an effective way to make visitors to your post feel safe.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd