7 keys to effective copywriting:

Know your audience

The more you know about the composition, tastes, preferences and habits of your readers, the better chance you have of capturing their attention.

An investigation about the target audience will allow us to take better advantage of our resources, targeting readers interested in our content. In this way, you will also rule out the public that is not interested in you.

Take care of the relevance of your content and the fans of your readers

Users are the ones who decide in communication channels, not companies. You must be very clear that it is a trend within your audience and transmit it in a simple way, without rambling or using complicated terms.

If the content does not represent value to your users, or it is simply difficult for them to read it, they will abandon your text and look for an alternative that complies with the above. On the internet, the competition is just a click away!

If you want interested readers from the beginning to the end of your essays, the headline must be precise when anticipating what content the body of the text contains, have operative paragraphs and not fall into redundancies or technicalities.

Catchy title

A great article is nothing without a headline that attracts the attention of users, since a large part of the decision to enter or not to read content is based on its quality.

Here is a list of tips for writing a great headline:

It is advisable to write several headlines before selecting the final one, to try different words and choose which combination is the most attractive.

The headline must be brief and sincere when anticipating the content of the text.

Never tell lies, including made up statistics or features that a product or service does not have.

Use action verbs in them

Use numbers, they are essential to highlight our content. It is recommended to use between 3 and 10 items.

Formulate questions, whose answers you will include in the body of your text.

Mention the benefits that your reader will obtain if they complete the reading of your essay.

Create a sense of urgency, emphasizing promotions for limited times, scarce quotas, and everything that can generate some anxiety in the reader to rush his action.

Be brief and clear.

Although the text will vary depending on the objective being pursued, as a general rule in writing, readers prefer short and concise sentences, since they make the text more enjoyable to read and simplify its understanding.

Many writers also fall into the habit of excessively reducing the size of their sentences, creating a string of short, monotonous stanzas.

The balance must be found between brevity, certainty and not falling short.

If you don’t naturally narrate under these concepts, you will have no other option than to practice your writing and do exhaustive editing work.

Review your essays the next day, and try to paraphrase any sentences that are too long. Many times you can say the same thing with half the words!

Minimizes the distance between the consumer and the brand

Use the name of your readers (whenever possible), use the pronouns you or you and avoid him you. Appeal to emotions and tell stories that are of interest to customers, creating a sense of familiarity.

Narrate experiences and sell: Storytelling in copywriting

Translated into Spanish, ‘story’ means history, and ‘telling’ means telling. Using this technique you can transmit messages in a way that is close to the reader, reaching their most emotional side and arousing great interest. Using the right voice, choosing based on your research what you will narrate and practicing, the technique (or art) of storytelling will be of great help when your readers feel identified with what you write. Broadly speaking, when telling stories there are always 4 elements:

Message: The idea transmitted.
Setting: Where the story takes place, the better defined it is, the easier it is for readers to identify with your narration.
Character: Who undergoes a transformation that will spread your message.
Conflict: The problem that the protagonist goes through to convey the message should not be something very simple or easy to solve, since that does not generate great interest in the audience.

The most important thing when telling a story is to use your creativity, convey positive feelings and allow readers to interact with it.

Use words that evoke emotions or desires.

There are more interesting terms that cause a greater impact on readers, but there is no secret formula to know which ones cause the effect you expect on your target audience. Investigating and experimenting which terms reach the unconscious thought of our consumers, we will find the way to make them act.

Verbs generate more trust and interest than adjectives, and some of them are very powerful in marketing.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd